In today’s busy world, it might seem overwhelming to find the time and energy to take your child to the playground. Going to a public playground is even more challenging if you are the parent of a child living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). A loud, crowded park can often be a frightening and confusing experience for your child. On top of that, this experience may be exhausting for you.


Creating a restful bedroom space for an autistic child is about more than helping her feel sheltered from chaos and anxiety. A busy space with too much sensory stimuli can affect your child’s health: According to Autism Speaks, as many as four out of five autistic children suffer from chronic sleep problems, which can exacerbate behavioral issues, impede learning, and negatively impact quality of life. Creating an environment with the right spatial and visual characteristics can have far-reaching implications for your child’s health and development. 


As a parent to a child on the autism spectrum, you know the value of patience and love. Those unparalleled gifts can help your child thrive throughout life, but it can also help to have some tools that allow you both to cope with the unique challenges you face. To that end, here are some tips for soothing and comforting your child in a variety of situations.